Abuse Of Privileges

 “When Children Abuse Privileges, The Privileges Are Taken Away and They Are Punished, But Not Attorneys”

The actions of an  attorney,  on behalf of  his client, were meant to be  protected by law and known as “privileged actions”.  In other words, it was designed so that the person an attorney was suing, on behalf of his client, would not be able to sue the attorney. 


The basic concept was so that it would allow attorneys to aggressively  represent their client’s legal rights.  Today, this privilege has become abused by the unethical attorney and unethical people.

In today’s world, it allows an unwarranted protective shield for an attorney that files a frivolous suit, and permits an attorney to go unpunished.  (See Frivolous

“The Unspoken Word and the Breaking of the Brotherhood”

The unethical attorney knows that it is almost impossible for a victimized layperson to locate an attorney willing to file a lawsuit against another attorney.   It is common knowledge and the unspoken word of the “Brotherhood of Attorneys” not to sue each other.

Many attorneys say they will be outcast from their local judicial community if they sue each other.  If this is true, then it is a form of intimidation. 

In effect, it has caused an atmosphere of racketeering, where a lay person is blocked out from proper legal representation if his opponent happens to be an attorney.  The attorney has the lay person going against the odds from the very start.

The attorney, giving into the intimidation by his peers,  profits from generating more fees in battling frivolous litigations.  Therefore, they all profit.  Is it really intimidation, or just convenient and profitable?

Have you ever been told by an attorney that they would not sue another attorney even if they knew what the attorney had done to you was wrong?

See I’ve Been Told for more insight, or “bust” that attorney by filing your complaint here.  



“See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, Let the Privileged Attorney Do It”

If an attorney knows that his client has lied to him about the basic facts of a complaint, and he still files it or continues a litigation against an innocent party, that attorney should be held accountable. 

The attorney, in fact, has become a partner in crime knowing that there is little risk of any type of punishment because of the special privileges attached to his profession.  It is this special privilege that allows him or her to club an innocent party into submission.

The self disciplinary organizations such as the local and state bar associations are really there to protect the attorney from the public.

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