Have You Been Told?

“Endorsing & Encouraging A Wrong”

“Attorneys Allow Other Attorneys to Commit Crimes”

The way a problem grows into what seems to be an irreversible wrong to society is when everyone seems to endorse it by accepting it.

When an attorney tells you that he would not sue another attorney, even if what the other attorney had done to you was legally wrong, he is actually participating in proliferating a major problem.

He is in fact committing a crime and participating in it after the fact.

He has discriminated against your rights and placed the “supposed rights” of a fellow attorney above yours.

A few of the reasons (excuses) an attorney will give for his non action on your part are:

  • I don’t sue other attorneys for any reason.
  • If I sued another attorney locally, it would hurt my business
  • Judges do not like it when one attorney sues another
  • Even though what the attorney did was illegal, he is protected by special privileges.

Taken one by one they will not hold up under scrutiny:

“I don’t sue other attorneys”

An attorney has taken an oath to his profession to hold sacred the laws of this country. In this statement, he has just said, “except when it comes to a fellow attorney”. The fellow attorney does not need to live by the same laws that govern our country.

“Judges do not like it when one attorney sues another”

An attorney is given a special right and level of credibility which allows him to be called an officer of the court. Judges do not like for a person to come into court representing their own interests, and will, in fact, give less time and patience to the person not represented by an attorney.

It would seem that a judge should want to have attorneys that have done something wrong to be the first to be prosecuted. The attorney should know better.

The real reason for this excuse is that the attorney is again saying that he is part of a special group, that you are not and that he is intimidated from representing your problem.

Another reason why judges do not like attorneys being sued openly is that it brings “dirty laundry” out before the public. Judges and attorneys say they must bind together to enforce the integrity of the image of the law.

In simple terms, it is called “covering up a wrong” and “not wanting to deal with it”.

“Even though what the attorney did was wrong, the attorney is protected by special privileges”

Attorneys are not permitted to break the law for any reason whatsoever. There is no special privilege that permits an attorney to commit a crime.

The only false special privilege is that which is given by the attorney to another attorney when he refuses to represent the rights of an individual that has been damaged by the other attorney.

AttorneyBusters.com realizes that it is common knowledge that people have been told, either by an attorney directly, or by a friend that has had a problem with an attorney, that other attorneys will not sue each other.

Let us know if you have ever been told this by anyone. In doing so, you will be helping to stop attorneys from allowing other attorneys to break the laws and damage citizens. It is a way you can do your part in bringing the issue to public awareness.