Busting The Bar

Overview: The State Bar of California receives approximately 35,000 written complaints about its member attorneys each year. However, the State Bar does not call them complaints, it calls them inquiries.

AttorneyBusters.com is currently gathering complaints concerning the California State Bar and other bar associations from across the country and expect to expose a serious problem stemming from the attorneys’ self disciplinary systems.

Review of the California State Bar’s self discipline system indicates that a vast majority of complaints filed by individuals are not given serious consideration. (See Complaints About The Bar)

We anticipate an enormous response from the public regarding dissatisfaction with the handling of their complaints against attorneys which will lead us to filing a class action lawsuit.

A major difficulty an individual has in seeking resolution to a legal problem with an attorney is that most attorneys will not sue other attorneys. Even if the attorney realizes the person has been wronged.

Note: There are circumstances where attorneys will sue each other, but these are narrowly limited to matters involving technical issues, not ethical or legal misconduct.

The attorney that turns his back on the person seeking help, in fact, becomes part of the problem by providing a nesting ground for corruption and abuse of the legal system.

Attorneys will provide the blanket excuses that they simply have made it a practice not to sue other attorneys, or that they do not want to be blacklisted by other judicial members (judges included) for suing one of their own.

For More Information about Attorney Excuses Go to I’ve Been Told.

Neither excuse should be an acceptable reason for an attorney that has been given a license with special privileges and access to the courtroom.

In doing so, attorneys have discriminated against the rights of an individual and, at the same time, circumvented the laws of our country for the benefit of their fellow attorneys.

Attorneys have placed themselves, and their colleagues, beyond the laws they swore to uphold and created a form of racketeering of the legal system.

(See Problems With Attorneys)

When an individual is denied their right to have their day in court because an attorney does not wish to sue another attorney, an injustice is done to our judicial system, for it allows attorneys not to be held accountable by the laws they swore to uphold.