Calling All Doctors

“You May Be Easy Prey” does not believe that all attorneys are unethical, however, due to the protection afforded attorneys by special privileges and the unwillingness of attorneys to sue each other, many are. And the numbers are growing.

The results are that “the ambulance chasers” are running rampant and unrestrained by a laughable self disciplinary program.

Many doctors of course become easy prey for the unethical attorney and the nuisance suit.

The Unethical Attorney knows:

your time is valuable, and they can threaten to take it away by filing a meritless case. (See The Frivolous Lawsuit)

you will pay money just to be rid of the nuisance instead of having to sit through a day of deposition. helps you stop unethical attorneys by:

contacting the attorney and asking for an explanation

sending a letter that makes them uncomfortable to proceed, unless they truly believe in the claims of their client

putting them on notice of their own financial risk

posting your complaint on’s complaint files

directing public attention to the problem

forwarding a copy of your complaint to the state and local bar associations, although: does not believe the state bars self disciplinary programs are effective and a vast majority of complaints are not even considered. Therefore, we are currently gathering consumer complaint information about them. For more information, see Busting The Bar. urges you to tell as many physician friends you know to contact us and file their complaints today. is not a law firm or lawyer referral service, nor do we involve ourselves in the practice of law.