Complaints About The Bars has reviewed a document entitled “Report of Special Master” regarding the attorney discipline system of the California State Bar. [What in the heck is a Special Master?]

In short summary, it is a BADDD….JOKE and really drives home the need for Attorney

In 1998, the State Bar of California, the model of all other bars in the United States, was on the verge of financial collapse and laid off hundreds of its employees.

There was not even the semblance of a self disciplining organization left.

The State Bar calls a written letter to them from a consumer an inquiry, not a complaint.

Even though the written letter is filled out on a piece of paper that reads “Complaint” on the top and is requested from the State Bar.

The State Bar receives approximately 4,000 of these (not really complaints according to them) inquiries per month.

The person that reviews these inquiries (not really a complaint) is called an intake person (not an attorney) and handles about 60 at a time per month.

The intake person then decides if the inquiry should be forwarded to another person or simply closed (thrown in the trash can). can only speculate but feels sure that because a case is closed (thrown in the trash can), it does not mean that the attorney inquired about (not “complained” about, in the minds of the State Bar) didn’t do something wrong.

It just means that either what the attorney did was so sneaky it was hard to explain in an inquiry (not a “complaint”), or it simply means the State Bar does not have it in its power to do anything about it (Gee, I wonder who arranged that loop hole).

Of course, it looks better on the productivity report if the case load is lowered, and therefore it is a lot easier just to say case closed and throw your inquiry into the garbage. believes that we will receive truckloads of complaints so that we can put together a class action lawsuit against the Good ol’ Boys.

So that some laws can be put into effect that would actually get the attorney punished where it would hurt them the most.

In their pocketbook.

Not just some silly letter asking for them not to do it again (or they just might get a second silly letter warning them, or they might get a third, etc.).

The California State Bar and Self Discipline

Like Waiting for a Pig to Fly!

[I’ve Got My Money on the Pig Flying First]