“For the People”

“When an attorney chooses not to sue another attorney, it’s called protecting their own”

“When Al Capone did it, it was called Racketeering”

AttorneyBusters.com believes in the American Judicial System, however, an attorney’s unwillingness to litigate against another attorney, due to intimidation by other attorneys or judicial officers, is in effect a form of racketeering.

The person that suffers from the racketeering is not the attorney.

It is the lay person that is denied representation, that has many obstacles to overcome, prior to being able to prosecute an attorney that has wronged them.

An environment is created where attorneys can benefit from not suing each other, such as when a frivolous lawsuit has been filed. See The Frivolous Lawsuit.

Attorneys generate fees between each other, no matter if the case is without merit.

There is minimal fear by the attorney of reprisal because they are protected by each other and the self disciplinary groups they themselves control called bar associations. (See Bar Associations.) It is a form of racketeering.

An arcane set of laws were created prior to the onslaught of individuals partnering with unethical attorneys to do their dirty work that both profit from.

AttorneyBusters.com provides litigation support to individuals to assist them in prosecuting attorneys, and publicizes the position of local bars, or other judicial members, that tolerate unethical law practices.

If you know of someone that has been the victim of an unethical attorney, or a frivolous lawsuit, tell them about us.

Share your information on our website by posting it to one of the various searchable files: The Lineup, The Stockade, On the Spot, The Barrel, The Rat Trap, The Cobweb, or the I’ve Been Told file. (Coming soon.)

By doing so, you will be helping to support us in enacting changes that must be made.

“When Al Capone did it, it was called racketeering.”

It is the threat of intimidation by members of the judicial community in retaliation for breaking ranks that forms the basis for racketeering.

AttorneyBusters.com believes that most attorneys are reputable and do not file what is called frivolous lawsuits.

But it is these same ethical attorneys that turn away from prosecuting the bad ones because they themselves would then be outcast from their local judicial community.

In being outcast and blacklisted, so to speak, they would become ineffective in representing their other clients and their livelihood would be destroyed.

The reality of the situation is that many of the judges they also appear before everyday would also look at them in disfavor, and they soon would be having difficulty in the court rooms.

It is at this point that the Judges themselves are involved in a form of racketeering by intimidation, they provide the spawning grounds for corruption.

AttorneyBusters.com wants to make it so it will become acceptable to go after unethical attorneys in court. This will be accomplished by creating publicity campaigns aimed at gathering complaints against unethical attorneys and helping individuals to interview and retain good attorneys to prosecute valid claims on their behalf.

AttorneyBusters.com seeks out attorneys that are willing to do the right thing by prosecuting valid claims against other attorneys.

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AttorneyBusters.com does not become involved with criminal cases and limits itself only to civil litigation matters.