In Search Of… wants to speak with attorneys that believe in the profession of law and are willing to champion the cause of the individual.

Even if it means filing a litigation against another attorney, a bar association, or a judge if necessary.

The type of litigations that we are focusing upon centers around abuse of process and malicious prosecution in civil matters where an attorney oversteps the privilege afforded to them by their profession.

We are looking to decrease the number of litigations that clog our court systems by letting unethical attorneys know they can not hide behind other attorneys’ unwillingness to change the status quo. realizes that the reason so many attorneys stay clear of filing litigations against another attorney is due to intimidation from their fellow judicial members and the danger it would put their career in. will provide the media exposure and public forum to allow you to do what you know in your heart is right and get the people behind you.

You will be able to work with other attorneys that want to let the American people know unethical attorneys will not be allowed to destroy the integrity of the legal system and the law profession.

We have a mission to accomplish with no time to waste. is not a lawyer referral service.