An Attorney’s Role was established in part to assist individuals by providing litigation support, and recruiting attorneys willing to sue unethical attorneys that have abused the legal process.

client_and_attorneyIn general, most actions by attorneys are privileged, meaning that they can not be held accountable for what they did on behalf of their client.

However, not all of an attorney’s actions are protected, and the lines have become blurred between what is right and what is wrong.

As an example, if an attorney knows (or finds out) that his client has lied to him about the material facts of a complaint and still files (or continues) a litigation against an innocent party, that attorney could (and should) be held accountable for the damages to the innocent party. believes that many attorneys are reputable and do not file what are called frivolous lawsuits.

However, there is an increasing number of unethical attorneys that believe they are beyond the laws they swore to uphold and partner with unscrupulous clients to act as a shield for partaking in unlawful activities.

Both the unethical attorney and unscrupulous client profit from the activity.

A major reason for this problem is that it is next to impossible for a wronged party to find an attorney willing to sue another attorney, and the current self disciplinary programs are a joke.

Many people would say the unwillingness of an attorney to file a lawsuit against an unethical one is because they are “trying to protect their own”. disagrees with the premise.

It is not because they are “protecting their own” that these same ethical attorneys turn away from prosecuting the bad ones, it is because they themselves would then be outcast from their local judicial community.

In being outcast and blacklisted, so to speak, they would become ineffective in representing their other clients and their livelihood would be destroyed. It is a form of intimidation and racketeering.

The reality of the situation is that many of the judges they appear before everyday would look at them in disfavor and they soon would be having difficulty in the court rooms. wants to turn the tide and make it so it will become acceptable, and in fact respectable, to prosecute unethical attorneys or any members of the judicial community that would try to use intimidation to have clients rights ignored.

This will be accomplished by creating a grass roots campaign aimed at gathering and exposing complaints against unethical attorneys and helping individuals to interview, recruit, and retain ethical attorneys to prosecute valid claims.