Legends & Perceptions

The legends of some of the great attorneys have created perceptions that have set the public up for a rude awakening.

Many can remember the first noble attorney of television, Perry Mason, and how many times he would ask his client if they happened to have a dollar on them. He would then accept that as his retainer, and set out to make a fool of his arch, but friendly rival, Hamilton Berger, the prosecutor.

Perry was a defense attorney, who in there right mind would ever think Perry would do something just for money, or that he would file a lawsuit that had no basis.

Absolutely out of the question.

You would automatically believe that his client was innocent.

There weren’t many mass murders going on and the public felt comfortable that criminals were not running rampant.

Old legends and perceptions last a long time.

Maybe this is why so many unethical attorneys, that shouldn’t be trusted any farther than you can spit, are able to get a head start on an innocent person.

Television continues to distort reality and tends to glorify the attorney.

Who wouldn’t want to be part of the fun and games and lively antics of the team of Ally McBeal and the way they can move from one fantasy to the next on the dance floor at the local bar.

It just seems that these attorneys are just the wittiest, kindest people on earth.

You wouldn’t think about them trying to ruin a person’s good name just for a buck.

And Oh, Gosh, let’s not forget about good ol’ Matlock, played by none other than Good ‘ol Andy. Gosh, what a fun life!

Even though I seldom watch television, it seems that every time I turn it on, there is some glorified, or supposed hilarious situation of a court room dramatization that involves attorneys.

I have to say that from a person that has been on the receiving end of courtroom corruption, there is nothing funny about the antics of an unethical attorney and the influence they have over the judges they make campaign contributions to.

It is down right sinister.

Next Week, let’s talk about sinister.