The Monterey Local Bar Scene is not an attorney referral service and there is no implied endorsement of attorneys pictured on this page. snapped a picture of Mr. McCarthy, a local defense attorney, in route to Judge Terrance Duncan’s court in April of 2001 to meet with another local defense attorney, Mr. James Cook, to discuss a “smoking gun” potentially pointed in their direction.

Mr. James Cook’s credibility with the local Judges regarding discovery is legendary (at least according to Mr. Cook). A legend in your own mind right Jim? Just teasing you Jimmy!

Attorney James CookMr. James Cook of

Horan, Lloyd, Karaschale, Dyer, Schwartz, Law & Cook

“A Legend In His Own Mind”









mccarthyMr. Dennis McCarthy of

Fenton & Keller

“And I’ll Huff, and I’ll Puff”