Most Attorneys Will Not Sue Another Attorney

“Your Rights are Denied, and an Attorney is Given a License to Break the Law Without Fear of Prosecution” realizes that an obstacle an individual has in seeking a resolution to a problem with an attorney is that most attorneys will not sue other attorneys.

This does not indicate that what the attorney had done was not wrong, or legally actionable. It just means that attorneys are intimidated and fear reprisal by other judicial members (including judges) for suing “one of their own”.

Attorneys will say that it would make them outcasts and unable to perform duties for other clients, and therefore, they would soon be unable to make a living.

Yes, because of the current state of affairs, it is sadly true. However, it becomes easy for them to accept the intimidation because it is also profitable for them in the short and long run.

Attorneys still generate fees no matter if the case is phony or not.

We believe that when an individual is denied representation because an attorney does not want to sue another attorney, a tremendous injustice is done.

Not only to the person but to our judicial system, for it allows the misconduct of unethical attorneys to go unchecked.

Your Rights are Denied and the Attorney is Given a License to Break the Law without Fear of Prosecution.

To correct this injustice, urges you to tell others about us and support us by listing your complaint about an attorney, or other judicial officer, with us.

Let us know if you have heard, or been told by an attorney, that they would not sue another attorney even if they knew what had been done was wrong.