Client Rights proliferates the rights of the individual to be on equal balance as that of the attorney.

We seek to help enact laws that would provide a fair balance of access, and representation, in the court system to individuals that need to prosecute attorneys that have somehow wronged them.

Current laws provide escape routes for unethical attorneys that abuse the legal system at the expense of client public.

Limited remedies imposed by their own self disciplinary groups as the California State Bar Association has not deterred the unethical.

Fighting Attorney Racketeering:

A major difficulty in pursuing legal remedies against an attorney is the unwillingness of one attorney to sue another attorney.

Most attorneys say that they fear being blacklisted and outcast by fellow judicial members (judges included) therefore ruining their practice of law and their ability to make a living.

By doing so, a form of racketeering has been developed whereby attorneys and judges control access to the courts in deciding who will actually be held accountable, with the exclusion of themselves.

This thereby provides an unfair balance which is now accepted as being “the way of the system” by many of the judges who now sit on the benches of our country.

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